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The Top Five Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Their Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

Stephanie Mason
July 10, 2015

With the use in social media becoming more and more prevalent by the day, businesses of all shapes and sizes are trying to get their slice of the social pie. There’s not just one way to be successful at social media strategy, however, and it’s not such an easy egg to crack either. Learn from the mistakes of other small businesses in your journey through the business world of social media.

Making it all about YOU

In most businesses, it’s all about the customer. So why do people think it’s any different with social media? Yes it’s your business’s page or profile but people are on social media to find things that interest them. So you’re saying my business is not interesting? Yes and no. Your business may be the most interesting and relevant thing in the world to someone, but that doesn’t mean they want to be bombarded with updates about all your latest updates or business workings every time they go on social media. Instead, share some info about your business every now and then and in the meantime, share posts relevant to your industry that appeal to your audience.

Hiring a Millennial to do social media (just because they’re young)

While Millennials are the founding mothers and fathers of the social age, this does not mean that just any millennial-aged individual is cut out to manage your company’s social media strategy. Many businesses underestimate the strategy involved in making social media successful. It is not just a few minute mindless thing. It is just like marketing and requires time, effort, and strategy to be successful.
Treat social media just as serious as any other part of your business if not more so, for it is a direct reflection of you and your company.

Trying to win a popularity contest

At times social media can seem like nothing more than a giant popularity contest and at times that’s mostly what it is to many users. This should not be what it is for you and your business though. It is good to gain more followers, likes, engagement, etc., but it’s not good if this engagement is coming from the polar opposite of what your audience should be. You want to gain users through the content you put out which means putting out content genuine to your brand and business and not just the latest newsflash you find on one of the top accounts.

Neglecting to engage

If you post interesting content, or even any content, you are likely to get some sort of traction via social. It’s very common for businesses to have a tendency to ignore or neglect to engage with their followers by commenting back or liking. This is not smart for many reasons. For one, it makes you seem like a static or automated page. Social media is already a brief form of communication so you want to come across as personable as possible on social media. You also want to show appreciation you’re your followers and nothing will show them this more than interacting with them. Engagement shows people you care and that you are real!

No consistency

While you don’t want your page to be the same type of posts over and over again, you also don’t want to just post about anything. It’s tempting to post about what’s trending as this is a prime method in which many people engage and capture others. However, there is a way to go about it without going astray from your company and its beliefs. Sometimes you can even relate the ‘hot topics’ to your business, which is great for attracting new followers. Having some form of consistency gives your company an edge to work with and generates a following true to what you stand for and post.

Social media can be a great way to boost your business. It allows you to engage with existing clients, gain new customers, and generate awareness for your company or product. While there’s not one right way to develop your social media strategy, there definitely is a wrong way to go about doing it. Make sure you steer clear of the social disasters and go for the gold when using social media for your business.

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