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Resourcefulness is the Key to Small Business Success

Small Business Success

March 6, 2015

Small business success is highly dependent on being resourceful, in all aspects. While it’s great to have the seemingly endless supply of gadgets and gizmos that some of the bigger companies and corporations have, true innovation and success comes when you are forced to think outside of the box.
If you’ve got it, use it
One of the fundamental factors of being resourceful is using what you already have. Often times, when faced with a problem, many people tend to focus solely on the problem and look for the fastest and easiest way to fix it. This results in overlooking many of the things right in front of them that could be reinvented or repurposed in order to resolve their current predicament.
Whether it’s repurposing content your company has already created or rearranging office space to maximize productivity, you likely already have the tools you need to lead you to your desired outcome.
Don’t be limited by money
This is where being resourceful really comes in handy. While it’s very easy to get discouraged by not having enough money for your business, whether it’s to take the next step in advancing your business or buy that new device you think you need, money is likely not the only answer to your issue.
It would seem that simply having more money would make things easier and run much smoother. However, solving all your business issues by spending more money can often prevent you from thinking outside of the box and lead to a ‘quick fix’ rather than a well thought-out solution; aka more money more problems! When dealing with a situation where it seems like spending more money is your only answer, take a little extra time to evaluate the situation before you act. Investing time in being imaginative and resourceful can ultimately save more time and money future endeavors.
Resources are made not found
Sometimes even when we strap on our best thinking caps and search our current supplies high and low for opportunities to reinvent what we already have, we are still unable to find what we are looking for amongst our current resources. This is when we need to alter our perspective.
In any event, discussing issues amongst others – coworkers, employees, business partners, friends, etc. – helps to get multiple perspectives on the same situation and therefore generate a variety of ideas and solutions. As John F. Kennedy once put it, “the human mind is our fundamental resource.”
Often if we take a step back to look at things in a new light, we can use our own innovation to improve our current situation and end up even more successful in the long run.

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