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Flexible Office Space is the New Cubicle

flexible office space

July 23, 2015

Fixed, cramped office spaces are out, and fluid, flexible office space is in! While cubicles used to be the biggest trend in office spaces, companies are now finding that flexible office space offers far more benefits for both employee and company.
What is considered, “flexible office space,” or “flex space” as it’s often referred to? According to Wikipedia, Flex Space [] basically takes the cubical concept one step further by allowing any employee or renter to use any cubicle that’s open at the moment. All cubicles are the same, so it really doesn’t matter which flexible office space they choose.
The key benefit of the flexible office space concept is that you are not constrained to one cubicle every single day and sometimes not even constrained to coming in every day. For the company offering flex spaces, they simply set up identical workstations once and don’t have to deal with creating different spaces for different employees or renters.
Many jobs allow for telecommuting when there is shared office space nowadays. Since it’s a flexible space, the hours in which you can work are often flexible as well. Both of these options allow much more freedom and flexibility in individual’s lives. It also provides many benefits for the company including savings on overhead and more hiring options compared to standard office configurations.
Collaboration is a highly appreciated component of the work environment. Successful businesses that promote collaboration between employees and even shared office space renters find that it creates higher efficiency, better morale and innovation.  Flexible office space environments, by their very nature, provide a catalyst for people to interact and build camaraderie with one another.


Flexible office space helps reduce company overhead and through energy savings from shared power, lighting, physical spaces in general, the environment, as well. For employees that telecommute part of the time, this helps them to save wear and tear on their car as well as time and gas money from driving to and from the office.
Better Security
While it may be contrary to what you might expect in a flexible office space, security can actually be better than in a typical office environment. Since there are so many people sharing a space and it’s generally more open, by its very nature, the security needs to be tighter. In these types of environments there is usually some type of security feature like a key card that allows entrance and security systems rather than just a key and lock. This provides a better way to track who is doing what inside the facility. There’s also usually more people there and less chance for any unwanted incidences to occur since the space is so open.
Flexible office space is trending so high today because it offers a better environment for collaboration to occur, provides more independence for employees and renters, and better overall efficiency.

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