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Characteristics of Cool Office Spaces

cool office spaces

June 8, 2015

When looking for office spaces, the word ‘cool’ may not be the first priority in your mind. However, these so-called cool office spaces may just be the ticket you need to push the envelope of success at work.

Places to Break

Working all day long can be quite a monotonous feeling. And although it would be nice, at least in our employers’ eyes, if we could just keep going all day, it wouldn’t be very effective for either party. It’s good to take breaks even short ones and it’s even been proven that taking breaks actually increases productivity. Therefore, if you’re looking for cool office spaces, look for ones that allow for an interesting break time. For example, a break room that has bright colors, interesting decorations, a game area, or even offices that have an outside space for you to clear your head for a moment.

Open Areas

We all need our privacy from time to time but being shoved off in a cubicle all day left to work alone is no way to work either. More businesses are realizing just how important collaboration can be to a conducive work environment. Hence why more and more office spaces are being built to ensure the ability for coworkers and colleagues to work together and have open communication. Try to find an office where you can have your own space but also not be secluded from the ideas of others.

Special Amenities

Work is often a very serious place and while you still want to be able to have a place made specifically for working, you also don’t want it to become a drag to go there. Many office buildings now have a lot more to offer than just your typical office space. Several spaces offer amenities one wouldn’t expect to find at work such as restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers, and even places to nap.


Off-white walls, grey cubicle, black rolling chair, tan desk; sound familiar? Your typical office cubicle may get the job done but it’s likely to also bore the life out of you. Style and design is an often under-estimated factor in the work environment and can be the make or break when it comes to cool office spaces. Many believe that decorations or anything out of the ordinary for a workspace will be distracting and not make for a productive work environment. Quite the opposite can be true however. A unique space with decorations or color can give people a sense of belonging and familiarity. It’s also a lot more interesting to go to a place where there is some aesthetic to keep your eyes interested and your mind alert.
If you’re seeking the path to success, you may want to start seeking some cool office spaces to speed up that process.

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