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Category Archives: Small Business Tips

The Top Five Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Their Social Media Strategy

With the use in social media becoming more and more prevalent by the day, businesses of all shapes and sizes are trying to get their slice of the social pie. There’s not just one way to be successful at social media strategy, however, and it’s not such an easy egg to crack either. Learn from…


Shared Offices – The “Save Money, Make Money” Solution for Small Businesses

No matter what industry you’re in, reducing your overhead and acquiring new business are the lynchpins of success, and that’s why the shared offices approach really makes sense. Every business goes through slowdowns, and occasional layoffs. It’s all part of the game. And every business struggles at times with how to get more clients, customers…


Shared Office Space and Graphic Design Studios go Hand-in-Hand

Many freelance graphic designers operate from a small graphic design studio armed with their trusty computer, a variety of software, and all of the creative juices they can muster. While those are the bare necessities required to do the job, it is probably not be ultimate environment from which great creative productivity can be realized….


Characteristics of Cool Office Spaces

When looking for office spaces, the word ‘cool’ may not be the first priority in your mind. However, these so-called cool office spaces may just be the ticket you need to push the envelope of success at work. Places to Break   Working all day long can be quite a monotonous feeling. And although it…