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Flexible Office Space is the New Cubicle

Fixed, cramped office spaces are out, and fluid, flexible office space is in! While cubicles used to be the biggest trend in office spaces, companies are now finding that flexible office space offers far more benefits for both employee and company.   Flexibility    What is considered, “flexible office space,” or “flex space” as it’s often…


Shared Office Space and Graphic Design Studios go Hand-in-Hand

Many freelance graphic designers operate from a small graphic design studio armed with their trusty computer, a variety of software, and all of the creative juices they can muster. While those are the bare necessities required to do the job, it is probably not be ultimate environment from which great creative productivity can be realized….


Coworking Office Space. Is it Right for Your Small Business?

Small business owners have it rough. Intense competition, the difficulty of attracting top-level talent, exhausting government regulations, limited staff, and many more obstacles make owning a small business challenging. Not to mention balancing the daily work load with the need to be on the constant lookout for new business. Coworking, sometimes referred to as shared…