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Need an apartment or roommate?

Are you a lawyer looking for office space to share? You’re not alone.

lawyer looking for office space

April 8, 2015

In today’s highly competitive legal profession environment, many lawyers have opted to run their practice from the office space of another firm rather than go it alone. This is particularly true of lawyers just starting out, as it makes both financial and logistical sense to share office space in a larger law firm’s office. Ideally the two entities have no overlap in terms of their practice specialty. By eliminating any potential conflicts in terms of clients and confidentiality, the two law firms sharing space can do a lot more good for each other than simply solving their office space issues.
Have you attended a networking group recently? Even the ones who claim to be industry-exclusive seem to have several attorney’s as members. Why? Because so much of the growth of law firms, big or small, is dependent on referrals. Legal office space shared by two non-competing firms will likely result in the two entities also using each other as sources of information, guidance, even friendship – but also referrals and networking. One could make a strong case that when two non-competing small law firms are in what some have termed a “co-working” environment, it is the ultimate networking environment. While industry regulations require that the two law firms adhere to be careful about not crossing the line on client confidentiality and privacy issues, it is a minor hurdle compared to the benefits of shared office space.
So if you’re a lawyer looking for office space, you may want to consider sharing office space with others.

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